Fleur de Lys Rental Rates 2013 – 2014*:

  • May 1st to December 15th             $ (Call for pricing) per week
  • December 16th to April 30th         $ (Call for pricing) per week
  • Christmas / New Year’s                $ (Call for pricing) per week

*Additional Charges that will, and that may, apply:

  • Villa rates are per week (7 nights) for the entire Villa
  • Hotel Tax is additional, and shall be added to the above quoted rates
  • (a sufficient) Weekly Energy Allowance is provided – Additional charges may apply for use in excess of allowance.
  • Other possible charges and Security Deposit – see NOTES section below



Please check our Online Calendar to book your dates, however, if your desired timeline appears to be unavailable, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly as other options may exist.

Contact Info:      Ian –  ian@fdlvilla.com – 649-431-2618


Weddings / WeddingMoons / Honeymoons / Anniversary / Birthday / Special Events:

Thinking about planning your Wedding / Honeymoon or other special event here in Turks and Caicos?  Please don’t hesitate to contact us directly to find out how we can help you plan for the most spectacular event, that will fit your budget and your taste.  From photographers, to DJ’s, to Cakes, Catering and Sunset dinner cruises, our Villa Concierge Team can assist you every step of the way with the On-Island planning for your special event.  Just give us a call, and we can take care of everything you need with one phone call.

Contact Info:        Ian –  ian@fdlvilla.com -431-2618

Important Notes:

Hotel Tax:

The Turks and Caicos government requires that 12% tax be paid on all vacation villa rentals. The Hotel Tax will be added to your final payment, and the Hotel Tax is in addition to our weekly rate schedule.

Energy Allowance and Usage:

Electricity is a very valuable (and expensive) Island resource. For this reason, energy consumption is carefully metered in order to discourage A/C use with doors and windows open, or leaving the A/C on throughout the day. By doing this, we eliminate the need for a higher rental rate to cover AC waste. You are provided with an ample and reasonable energy credit of $150 each week at no charge. You will be billed for any consumption in excess of $150 / week, at actual current island energy costs. If this becomes necessary, you may pay this directly, or we can deduct from your Security Deposit, with your permission.

Water Usage:

In addition to Electricity, Water is also one of the most treasured resources on our Island. We do everything we can to capture rainfall, and re-use it for watering the landscaping that you see within the Fleur de Lys compound. We ask the same of you, as our valued guests, that the government asks of us – please be responsible and take great care to do your part to help us to conserve our water use. You can do this very simply by not allowing the water to run while you are rinsing off dishes, brushing your teeth, and by taking shorter showers. We greatly appreciate your cooperation, and thank you in advance for your support.


NO PETS. We sincerely regret that Pets cannot be accommodated at Fleur de Lys. This is in consideration of those who will visit us after you leave, and who may have pet allergies that would then ruin their vacation if they encountered animal dander or other substances, from your pet, once they arrived. As a result, the full charges for the amount for cleaning from pets, which can be quite expensive here on the Island, will be entirely charged back to your Security Deposit and to your account.  In addition, we must also charge back the daily pro-rated cost of the lost revenue for the Villa, for each day that we are unable to be open to future guests, while cleaning behind your pet.  Bottom Line:  Please be considerate of others, and of your pocketbook, and leave your pet at home, or please make other arrangements. Thank you.


NO SMOKING. Cigarettes are NOT allowed on the premises. We sincerely regret that Smokers cannot be accommodated at Fleur de Lys. In addition to the Fire Hazard, which is considerable, as above, this is also in consideration of those who will visit us after you leave, and who may have smoke-related allergies that would then ruin their vacation if they encountered the smell or odor of smoke, once they arrived. As a result, the full charges for the amount for cleaning from smoking, which can be quite expensive here on the Island, will be entirely charged back to your Security Deposit and to your account. In addition, we must also charge back the daily pro-rated cost of the lost revenue for the Villa, for each day that we are unable to be open to future guests, while cleaning behind you. Bottom Line: Please be considerate of others, and of your pocketbook, and leave your smokes at home. No smoking (or lighted flame / fire) of any kind is allowed indoors under any circumstancesThank you in advance for your understanding, and your cooperation.

Rooms and Max Persons:

The Villa is intended to sleep 5 persons comfortably. However, based on the number and size of our beds, we can easily accommodate up to a max of 8 people (plus an Infant). More than 8 persons at any time will place a severe strain on the facility, and this will also result in our incurring higher energy and cleaning restoration costs. If you need to accommodate more than 8 persons, please contact Ian and she will work with you to find a solution. If more than 8 persons are staying at the Villa, without prior consent, a cleaning and energy surcharge will be applied against your Security Deposit, in the amount of $350 per person, per night in low season and $500 per person, per night, in high season (i.e.: 7 nights, 2 extra persons in HIGH SEASON:  $7,000 incremental surcharge [example])However, if we understand your needs in advance of your arrival, then our Villa team we will work very closely with you to do everything we can to accommodate your needs at an incremental rate that works for everyone.

Valuables and Room Safe:

A Room Safe may be provided to you as a Courtesy, upon request, and it will be located in an area that your Concierge will provide to you upon checking in. Please note that this is provided only as a courtesy, and that Fleur de Lys Villa is not and cannot be responsible for any items of value which you elect to purchase or bring to the Islands, and which you choose to store in the provided safe or on property.

Damages, and Broken or Missing Items:

The Villa will be turned over to you in excellent condition, without issues, unless otherwise noted on your rental documents. Therefore, any damages to the Villa or to the property, or restoration of any items missing following your departure, will be necessarily recovered by way of your Security Deposit. Upon your arrival and departure, please indicate to your Concierge, any and all items which may have broken, and we will promptly determine if this is due to reasonable wear and tear, or not. We hope that you understand that any items that do not fall under reasonable wear and tear, or items taken from the property, must be restored to Villa vacation rental standards for our next guests, and will therefore be deducted from your Security Deposit.

Security Deposit:

In order to assure that you will be able to enjoy the full use of the Villa, and ALL that it has to offer, on the window of your planned vacation, we were obligated to have a Security Deposit policy in place for those that preceded you.  Our policy assures that YOUR vacation will be every bit as wonderful for you, as the party that preceded you.

To that end, and much like those before you, a separate, necessary and reasonable Security Deposit will be taken at the time of the Villa Rental.  And we ALL hope that we get to return this to you, IN FULL, and shortly after the conclusion of your stay with us.

  • The standard advance Security Deposit for the Villa Rental is a minimum of $2,500.

N.B.: These Security Deposit funds will be deposited directly into our separate security deposit escrow account.

Note:    We’re very happy to share that so far, we’ve NEVER EVER had to dip into a Security Deposit.   That means that Fleur de Lys has been blessed with welcoming some very lovely and well-behaved guests to our Island and to our Villa.  And we’re so very grateful for that.  So if we might be so bold as to ask, can we please please please ask that you not be our very first “naughty” guests?   Many thanks, in advance!

If for some reason, we find that your Security Deposit does not cover the extent of cleaning and/or damages, then the Villa will be entitled to assess and secure these additional charges, with which to cover these unplanned expenses, directly from your credit card account, as per your signed rental agreement.

But please know that we really do not want your Security Deposit money, so it is our intention, always, to promptly return your FULL security deposit to your account (within two weeks, or less, if possible), if the Villa is returned to us in the same condition as it was provided to you. Your deposit may be returned to you via Check or via Wire (less Wiring expenses), whatever your preference. (We strongly suggest wiring funds to assure for all parties that the funds are promptly back into your account).


Please inquire about our current Cancellation policy

Telephone Service & Internet:

As a courtesy, you will be provided with limited and complimentary Internet (SKYPE) and local Mobile Phone service as part of your stay at Fleur de Lys Villa. We suggest you use our local MOBILE phone for local Island calls only, and then bring your own SKYPE, or use ours, for any off-island calls. Here’s how it works…


We have upgraded the Internet system at Fleur de Lys Villa, and we have placed repeaters throughout the compound.  We have also upgraded to the highest class of non-commercial Internet service available on the Island. There is Internet signal in each room of the Villa, as well as out by the pool, in the Courtyard, in the Media Room, and under the Gazebo. As with all Internet systems, and especially in the Islands, the more people on the system at any one time, the slower the system may run. If multiple persons are streaming video in their rooms, you will likely encounter buffering and delays. Enjoy the Internet, but please realize that throughput speeds in the Islands are very much dependent upon total users, and degree of service requested (i.e.: streaming videos places a severe drain on the system). The TV’s in each bedroom are all SMART TV’s and therefore Internet ready. We have also provided you with an Internet ready, wireless printer in the Media Center. And lastly, should you require the use of a Netbook (laptop) computer, you can arrange with Ian to borrow one from the Villa at no charge ($1000 incremental Security Deposit required).

SKYPE – Ours:

You will find a SKYPE phone in the Kitchen area. You may use this SKYPE phone to call virtually anywhere in the world. There will be approximately $10 of complimentary SKYPE credit on the phone when you arrive. If you call friends and family members who also have SKYPE, there is no charge to either party. If you need to call land lines or mobile phones and not a SKYPE number, Ian will be able to add money to our Skype account, as you may desire. (This amount will be added to your final bill. Please note that there is no way for us to refund unused SKYPE credit once purchased.) We will also furnish you with our SKYPE name and our USA (Miami) SKYPE phone number, so that you may receive calls on this phone.

SKYPE – Yours:

If you already have your own SKYPE account, all you need to do is to connect to your SKYPE account through our included Internet.  This option is the BEST communications solution.

Local Mobile:

You may be furnished with a LOCAL Island mobile phone upon your check-in. There will be approx $10 of credit on this phone. There is no charge for calls made locally on the Island, (which is why we would like to provide this to you). If you call off-island with this phone, you might have about 2 to 3 minutes, before the complimentary credit runs out.

Your Own Mobile:

We strongly suggest that BEFORE YOU TAKE OFF for our Island, that you contact your local cellular provider to make prior arrangements for any desired or intended use of your personal mobile phone(s) while on-island. Please know that personal mobile phones will typically work well in Turks & Caicos, but depending upon where your service is housed, there can be charges of $1.99 USD per minute and more, and text message rates of anywhere from 5 cents USD per text and more. Data usage is also charged at a higher rate and you may be charged for ROAMING by your local carrier, even if you are not using your phone.  It is therefore best to make these International connectivity arrangements with your mobile carrier BEFORE you land on our Island.