Provo Golf Club is recognized as one of the top-ten, scenic eighteen-hole golf courses in the Caribbean, and also offers tennis activities.


At Nautique Sports, you’ll receive various water sports training, ranging from waterskiing and wake boarding, to wake surfing and tubing. The instructor will set you up with the right gear, attire, and equipment for your water adventure!


Provo Ponies located on the island of Providenciales is a great place to rent ponies and horses for a relaxing day of horseback riding on the beach.


If jet skiing is your thing, then Sun & Fun Sea Sports offers Jet Skis for rent, and even a guided Sea Doo tour.


We’ve saved the best, for last, and that is Coral Gardens. This coral reef is a hidden gem and a “must do” for your “Island Adventure Bucket List.” We promise you that the tropical fish and ocean life that you will experience at Coral Gardens, will be a sight that you will remember for the rest of your life.