Turks and Caicos offers a lot besides beautiful beaches and fine dining. Take advantage of the retail shops located around the islands while you’re on vacation. The Regent Village is located on Grace Bay Beach and within walking distance from many major resorts and hotels. The tropical verdure and elegant gardens make the shopping experience at Regent Village tranquil, comfortable and modern. Stores such as Flower Girl and Art Provo sell hand-made items including straw hats, jewelry and locally made art. If rum is your drink of choice you can find locally produced Bambarra rum at FOTTAC and a solid selection of other Bambarra products as well.

Jai’s at The Regent Village offers premium brand items including jewelry, perfume, watches and a bevy of other luxury items duty-free. It should also be noted that Jai’s is the exclusive representative of Rolex on the islands.

Turks and Caicos is also full of souvenir shops such as Mama’s at Ports O’ CallSaltmills Plaza is another popular shopping area with plenty of shops to satisfy everyone.

Shopaholics rejoice! There is no sales or luxury tax on the island, meaning that tourists will be able to purchase things cheaper than at home. Shoppers and tourists will also be thrilled to learn that souvenirs such as jewelry, perfumes, watches, cameras, crystals and even cigars and liquor are available to US and Canadian residents duty-free at selected locations across the island. In addition, duty-free shops are located at hotel lobby stores and even in the airport.